Starco Electric Company was organized in 1974 by the Principals of Standard Refrigeration Company, a leader in Mechanical Construction Business with the purpose of broadening its share in the construction field and participates in a more significant way the growth of Puerto Rico. It furthermore provided their client with a well- coordinated electromechanical package in which the responsibility for these disciplines remained under one roof.

At present Starco Electric Company’s key personnel have over fifty years aggregate experience in Electrical Construction Trade, practically all of it concentrated in heavy industrial, commercial and institutional projects. Fast tracking in the first two categories is not uncommon.

This vast experience at the top echelon is supplemented by a core of well qualified field personnel that have been trained to maintain a high quality of construction standards, under strict safety rules, to accomplish any project in the allotted time.

Starco Electric, Inc. since 1974 has acquired vast experience in the complete installation of any electrical system including medium voltage emergency generators paralleling system. Our technical knowledge in illumination helped Standard Refrigeration to achieved Platinum rating in the LEED rating system obtaining an average of .75 watts per square feet of power maintaining 50 foot candles of illumination in our offices and preventing lighting contamination outside our facilities.

Following is a breakdown of key personnel:

  1. Roberto L. Vázquez Silva, P.E. Operation Manager- BSEE 1986 with the company since 1988.
  2. Abad Brito Figueroa, P.E.Project Manager- BSEE 2002 with the company since 2008.
  3. Alejandro Santiago Project Engineer with the company since 2012.
  4. Waldo Cortes, “Perito Electricista” Project Supervisor with the company since 1995.

Our latest approach in the energy conservation environment is in the installation of photovoltaic system as certified installer in the “Administración de Asuntos Energéticos” installing our own 54kw photovoltaic system in our facilities.

Professional References:
Leonardo Vidal, Tel. (787) 765-5631
Juan R. Requena, P.E. Requena & Assoc., Tel. (787) 763-0655
Ricardo Rodríguez del Valle, P.E. Consulting Engineer, Tel. (787) 793-3322

As an independent subsidiary of Standard Refrigeration Company, Starco Electric Company fives total support to its philosophy of maintaining the highest standards of quality.